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Routine Prepregnancy / Early Pregnancy Laboratory Tests

For many years now we – usually your GP – have conducted a number of lab tests as soon as you are pregnant or, preferably, even before you are pregnant. Why do these tests before pregnancy? Simple. This gives us an opportunity to address any

Prenatal Vitamins

Most women know that is important to take Vitamins during their pregnancy. Most of the scientific evidence – and the consequent recommendations by health authorities – on this topic relates to taking a Folic Acid supplement. Why Folic Acid? Folate is Vitamin B9 and Folic

The Trimesters of Pregnancy

A very long time ago somebody figured out that a normal human pregnancy lasted nine lunar months. This link – incredibly – was not always known. I’m told the ancient Egyptians were unaware of the link between the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Accordingly they used

Group B Strep

Our mouths, our bottoms and our vaginas contain many bacteria. The overwhelming majority of these bacteria are harmless to our health. Group B Strep is a bacterium that lives in the vagina of 12-15% of Australian women. It is not a sexually transmitted disease (which

Off Salads & Salmonella

As you no doubt know there is an issue with respect to Salmonella infections in pre-prepared salads that can be purchased in plastic bags, usually from supermarkets. A couple of patients have already contacted me having consumed such salads. Now first things first. Salmonella is

Pre Pregnancy Genetic Carrier Screening

I’d like to recommend that you consider genetic carrier testing before you fall pregnant or in early pregnancy. There are a small number of rare conditions that can be harmful to your baby but are not part of the usual pregnancy genetic testing. The main

Rockmelon and Listeria!

I’ve just received notification that there have been a few cases of Listeria caused by eating Rockmelon in NSW! So in addition to the usual precautions you must take regarding food we need to add that you must not eat: Pre-cut melons of any sort,

The Zika Virus

You cannot have missed the media coverage of the Zika virus outbreak in latin America along with the very disturbing news that this infection appears to cause birth defects. There appears to be a link between maternal infection with Zika and babies suffering from microcephaly.

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

I’d like to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony) –     The New Seekers* New things come along very rarely in my business. Childbirth itself defines human existence and is of course described in the most ancient of texts. The techniques we use to

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