My Obstetric Fees

Written by

Rob Buist

Published on


Unfortunately I have had to increase the fees for my obstetric services. You can find my new fee schedule in the Services section of my website.

Believe it or not this is a decision I do not take lightly. I am only too well aware of the cost of private medical services in Australia along with the – rather peculiar – fact that Medicare and Health Fund rebates don’t come close to covering the costs of providing your care –
hence out of pocket expenses.

Without wishing to cry poor the simple fact is that the costs of running my business – mainly staff costs and rent – have increased significantly recently and I need to cover these increases somehow. In addition I continue to pay approximately $100,000 per annum in Medical Indemnity premiums (despite my very good safety record).

My strong wish is to continue to provide the type of dedicated service I have become known for around town.