Covid Vaccination in Pregnancy: Upgraded Advice

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Rob Buist

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You might recall I delivered some fairly circumspect Covid vaccine advice back on June 22 of this year.
Well, ignore it. The breathtaking incompetence of our various governments have put us – you – in an invidious position.
The virus seems to be running free in Sydney and the State Government seems to have all but given up trying to contain it. They are crossing their fingers and hoping the vaccine will save them…sorry, us.

Anyway the Federal Government has recently determined that pregnant women are now eligible for the Pfizer Vaccine…if you can get it.
Global experience has not identified any significant safety concerns for pregnant women from the vaccine given at any stage in pregnancy. We need to also remember that the risk of severe illness and death from Covid is significantly higher for pregnant than non pregnant women and this can have ramifications for their unborn babies.

My professional body, RANZCOG, has recently stated:

“Advice issued in December 2020 was in the setting of low community transmission. Unfortunately that situation has changed, as we have witnessed over the last couple of months. For that reason, RANZCOG believes that it is critical that pregnant women have access to vaccination.”

I agree.
RANZCOG and ATAGI also state:

“Women who are trying to become pregnant do not need to delay vaccination or avoid becoming pregnant after vaccination”

I agree.
So. If you can get a Pfizer Vaccine (and good luck with that) please get one at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime please be careful and limit your exposure to other people as best you can. Wear a mask. And if you are in any doubt whatsoever…GET TESTED!

Stay safe
24th July 2021