Coronavirus Update August 2020

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Rob Buist

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In every single Star Wars movie there is a bit where someone – often Han Solo – says “I have a bad feeling about this.” Well, I have a bad feeling about this.

While we remain so much better off than others it appears that there are Coronavirus hotspots all over Sydney. I know the total number of infections in NSW remains low – 20ish per day – but the simple fact is the virus is drawing close. We also know – thanks to Melbourne – what happens when it gets into hospitals.

Prince of Wales Private Hospital (POWP) is reimposing visitor restrictions and mandating the use of masks for all. We are about to recommence our PPE / Covid caesarean drills. I am now reimposing appropriate restrictions in my office as per the first wave of the virus. You know the drill:

  • Just you and your partner and your newborn baby to attend the office (no siblings, grandparents etc)
  • We will check your temperature on arrival and we will be distancing appointments and as you know the waiting room is massive
  • I have the ability and the equipment to test you for Coronavirus so if there is any doubt let’s do a test (I test myself about every two weeks but will ramp that up now)
  • I’m now wearing a mask in shopping centres and I’m avoiding pubs, clubs (I always do, you know), cafes, restaurants and gyms and I urge you to do the same
  • If it is humanly possible for you to work from home please do so and please avoid any unnecessary travel

Like I said I have a bad feeling about this

Stay safe