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The provision of high quality maternity care has always involved teamwork between doctors, nurses and midwives. I greatly value the knowledge, perspective, experience and advice of my midwifery colleagues. I work with my nursing and midwifery colleagues at the Royal Hospital for Women and Prince of Wales Private Hospital on a daily basis.

I also work with two wonderful specialist midwifery colleagues at my office. Amanda Bartlett and Caroline Bird are both comprehensive midwives and recognised experts in their areas. I have worked with both Amanda and Caroline at the Royal Hospital for Women.

Please contact Rebekah on 9388 0110 if you wish to see either Caroline or Amanda (or both).

My midwifery colleague Amanda Bartlett is an expert in the management of diabetes in pregnancy. Amanda and I have worked together at the Royal Hospital for Women for more than five years.

Amanda began her career in 1984 in Oxford, UK where she studied to become a Registered General Nurse (RGN). In 1987, Amanda emigrated to Australia and after working as a RGN for 2 years, studied to become a midwife. Amanda has worked as a midwife since 1989, supporting women, partners and families in achieving healthy outcomes and attaining their personal goals.

In 2000, Amanda completed a graduate certificate in diabetes education and management and she now works both as a midwife and diabetes educator. Amanda is an integral part of the Royal Hospital for Women High Risk / Diabetes clinical team. Amanda works with women who are pregnant, and women planning pregnancies. She offers an individualised service, specified by the woman and her family’s needs. Amanda deliver holistics care within a safe and ethical framework.

Amanda provides routine antenatal and postnatal midwifery care and she is a critical part of the team that cares for women with diabetes in pregnancy.

Amanda has been happily married for over 17 years and has 3 gorgeous boys, aged 15, 12 and 7. She juggles her work commitments with their needs. In her spare time she swims with a group of women around various Sydney beaches and walks the crazy family dog.

Caroline is a Registered Midwife. Over a 20 year nursing and midwifery career, Caroline has moved through adult general nursing, to Paediatric Nursing at the Sydney Children’s hospital, then to her passion, Midwifery.

Caroline completed a Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Midwifery) at the University of Sydney in 1996-1997 while working at the Royal Hospital for Women.

Caroline has over 16 years experience as a midwife and has spent 10 of those years working with Rob at the Royal Hospital for Women. Caroline has also worked at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital as a midwife in delivery suite.

Caroline has spent the majority of her midwifery career caring for women and their families in labour and birth. Caroline is an expert in normal birth and skilled in managing high risk/complicated pregnancy labour and birth. Caroline was a Clinical Midwifery Specialist in Birthing and prior to taking a break in her career to have her family, she was the Midwifery Unit Manager for Birthing Services for the Royal Hospital for Women.

When not working for Rob, Caroline and her husband Andrew are busy parents to 5 year old Phoebe and 3 year old twins Claudia and Sophie. In her spare time she loves to exercise at the gym and plays soccer in a team with other mothers.

If you would like to see Amanda or Caroline please contact Rebekah at [email protected]

Allison leads our Antenatal Classes here, and can also provide you with individual antenatal education.

Allison has been a practising midwife for over 15 years, having completed her midwifery education at St Margaret’s Hospital in 1992 before joining the obstetric and midwifery team at the Royal Hospital for Women. During this period Allison has worked with women and their families in pregnancy, birthing and their transition to parenthood. Allison has led many improvements in clinical care and maternity services at The Royal Hospital for Women. In addition Allison is heavily involved in the teaching, training and mentoring of medical students, midwifery students and postgraduates. Allison works collaboratively with her medical colleagues, including obstetricians, paediatricians and – when necessary – anaesthetists. Allison has extensive experience in normal birth including waterbirth. Her passion for supporting women and their families through their childbirth experience is rivalled only by her passion for education of women, students and midwives. Allison has further qualifications including a Masters in Adult Education and is currently working towards an Honours degree in Midwifery through research. This extensive study has been in conjunction with her clinical role as a midwife and midwifery educator at RHW.

Allison and I have worked together for eight years. Allison has a teenage daughter and a teenage son,  and a border collie.

Allison provides individualised antenatal education for women, their partners and support people as outlined below:

  • Pregnancy and birth education, breastfeeding information, post-natal sessions regarding birth and parenting.
  • Evenings and weekends
  • Refresher sessions – Sessions are tailored to your expectations providing accurate information regarding pregnancy, birth and beyond…
  • Focus on instilling confidence in your birthing experience and early parenting
  • Changes in Pregnancy
  • What to expect in labour and birth
  • How to recognize the onset of labour
  • Stages of labour and Options for labour and birth
  • Supporting the labouring woman
  • How to look after the support people
  • Birth of YOUR baby
  • Immediate postnatal period
  • Breastfeeding information
  • Newborns adaptation
  • Transition to parenthood

If you wish to see Allison individually please contact Allison directly using the following contact details:

Mobile: 0408 248 224
E mail: [email protected]

Lynne Hall is a lactation consultant working in private practice across metropolitan Sydney as well as having visiting rights as a consultant to the Prince of Wales Private HospitaI. Lynne is a registered nurse and midwife and Lynne has a Master of Nursing (Education). Lynne is a member of the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).

One of the best aspects of Lynne’s service is that she can provide her clients with the most critical aspect of midwifery care – continuity. Lyn can see you before the birth, during your hospital admission (at Prince of Wales Private Hospital), after the birth and at home if needs be.

We recommend that you see Lynne for an initial consultation at around 36 week’s gestation. You can make an appointment to see Lynne by contacting Lynne directly using the contact details below:

Lynne Hall
Lactation Consultant
M. 0419 245 966
E. [email protected]

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